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Tederic presents the 17th Pallet Congress with its special two-platen pallet IMM and efficient and economic solutions!

Tederic presents the 17th Pallet Congress with its special two-platen pallet IMM and efficient and economic solutions!

Tederic presents the 17th Pallet Congress with its special two-platen pallet IMM and efficient and economic solutions!

To grasp the new changes in the pallet industry under the new situation, discuss the development opportunities and challenges of China’s pallet industry, and promote the high-quality development of the industry, the 17th China Pallet International Conference & 2022 Global Pallet Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting & 2022 Belt and Road Pallet Sharing Initiative (BRAPS) Conference, organized by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, was held in Guangzhou from 26-28 October.

It is reported that “green, cooperation, sharing, and innovation” are the keywords of this forum. As an industry leader, Tederic was invited to participate with the theme of “Efficient and Economical Total Solution for Injection Moulded Pallets.”

The Chief Engineer of Tederic, Mr. Zhou Hongwei, focused on the two key words of high efficiency and economy and integrated Tederic ‘s logistics pallet two-plate injection molding machine and the surrounding automation system to share a series of more energy-saving, higher efficiency and more environmentally friendly pallet injection molding total solutions for the industry. Tederic’s focus and professionalism were well-received by the audience.

This article will focus on the technical advantages of Tederic’s two-platen injection molding machines for pallets and a series of innovative injection molding solutions for the logistics pallet sector, as shared at this conference.

Tederic two-platen intelligent injection molding machine helps the pallet industry to develop.

A qualified plastic pallet must have lightweight, have thin walls, high stability, high load-bearing performance, and have a long service life to ensure the safety of goods transportation, which also determines the high requirements for the injection molding process.

As one of the first companies to develop two-platen injection molding machines in China, Tederic has two-platen high-efficiency pallet special machines and two-platen high-efficiency box pallet series special machines, such as NEO·H2300 and NEO·H2700 explosive models, clamping force covers 2100-4500 tons. They have the following advantages.

  • High-quality injection molding

Special aspect ratio design, good product finish, effective avoidance of bloom and air bubbles.

  • Lower energy consumption than national energy standards

E-Charge™ technology as standard, energy consumption is less than the national energy consumption standard.

  • Increased output, increased efficiency

Shortening of the molding cycle due to the synchronization of the open top linkage and the open storage and core extraction.

To accelerate green and low-carbon development and help achieve the “double carbon” target, Tederic’s Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhou Hongwei, also elaborated to the audience three innovative solutions for efficient and economical logistics pallets to help customers in the pallet industry to develop sustainably.

The first is the “Efficient Production Solution for Counterbalance Machines,” which doubles the output, saves space, and can produce two-color pallets. The second is the “CellSure® physical foam pallet solution,” which uses Tederic’s CellSure® microfoam technology to reduce weight by up to 30% and increase mechanical strength. Damaged pallets can also be recycled and reused. The third is the Recyclable Pallet Solution, which fundamentally reduces raw material consumption, recycling, and the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

It can also be equipped with peripheral automation, such as robots and injection MES systems with PLC control to ensure efficient and stable machine production.

Tederic presents the 17th Pallet Congress with its special two-platen pallet IMM and efficient and economic solutions!

At present, the development of China’s pallet industry has entered a stage of transformation and upgrading, with the construction of an open pallet recycling system, the promotion of the transport mode with plates, the improvement of the digital level of industry service enterprises, and the global pallet industry development trend of standardization, sharing, intelligence, and greening.

In the future, Tederic will continue to focus on market demand and customer interests, help the pallet industry to achieve digital transformation, improve the industry’s product quality, production efficiency, and management level, jointly promote the green development of the pallet industry, and create a cooperative, shared and innovative pallet ecosystem.