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In addition to injection molding machines & extruders, KDS company provides accessories and auxiliaries of plastic industry as following:

  • Crushers & shredders

Generally the crushers of the company are manufactured abroad and imported to Iran, KDS company provides customers’ needs from the lightest to the heaviest crushers, the main demand of this products in Iran market is in the range of 18 to 100 cm infeed opening, by free consultant KDS company offers the best solution to the customers.

In order to ensure the quality and higher performance the blades of crushers are made from SPK and are designed in hammer type, the other feature of this kind of crushers are the low noise which are continuously improved and advanced by technical, manufacturing and commercial departments.

KDS company provides after sales services for the crushers and the necessary spare parts are available at the soonest time.

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  • Chillers

The chillers offered in KDS company are mainly air cooled chiller but as per the request of customers, water cooled chillers are also provided for them.

The cooling capacity of the chillers from 12000 to 100000 kcal/h but chillers with more cooling capacity are also offered to customers.

Compressors, pumps and fans are imported from Europe. The quality of the parts and technology used in the chillers are among the highest ones in the world, for example the water tank is made by stainless steel which is quite easy to clean and maintain, the temperature controller is highly precise and can accurately measure and control temperature ±۱°C, the chiller is equipped with a sensitive alarm and controls including overloading, high and low voltage alarms.

Additionally, KDS company declares its readiness to design central cooling systems for plastic manufacturing lines and other products.

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  • Mold

In all conditions, KDS company offers free consulting in regard of manufacturing different molds in all steps from initial plan, design, manufacturing in the country or abroad.

  • Hopper dryers and dehumidifiers

Raw materials used in producing plastic appliances are usually wet and the moisture level depends on the type of materials, KDS company offers dryers with capacity of 12 to 1000 kgs.

Hot air is used to dry wet materials and to avoid moisture absorption during packaging and transportation. The dryers can be directly mounted on the molding machine for quick drying and space saving.

The hopper is made of stainless steel, the hopper body and the bottom are designed separately therefore it is very convenient to clean. Other features of the dryers are temperature controller and overheat protection device.

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  • Auto loaders

The auto loaders are classified in two different types of one phase and three phase. The stainless steel hoper, high performance vacuum motor, motor protective device and material shortage alarm are main features of the auto loaders.

Other specifications of the auto loaders are the compact size, light weight, high performance vacuum and easy operating.

In addition to auto loaders, KDS company offers central feeding systems for different plastic manufacturing lines.

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  • Mixer

Mixers offered in KDS are vertical types in three capacities of ۵۰,۱۰۰ and 200 kgs.

Fast mixing speed, easy operation, maintenance and cleaning are main features of the mixers. Both mixing pail and vane are made of stainless steel, the mixer is equipped with safety device. The mixing time can be adjusted in the range 1 to 15 minutes, and complete mixing can be done in a short time, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

It’s worthy to mention that KDS company is active in the field of dosing systems and can offer different dosing systems based on customers needs.

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