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Tederic assists BYD in expanding into the new energy vehicle market

Tederic assists BYD in expanding into the new energy vehicle market

According to the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035), the new energy vehicle market will maintain strong growth momentum in the next decade. New energy vehicles with low carbon, environmental protection, low use cost, and high energy efficiency can become the key to the traditional automotive industry to solve the problem of energy transformation and achieve national carbon goals.

On April 3, BYD, whose market value is the largest, announced that it would stop the fuel vehicle production in March. In the future, BYD will only focus on pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle business to conform to the national “dual carbon” strategic goal, leading the automotive industry reform, promoting sustainable development of society with a green, low-carbon cycle!

How does Tederic respond to new demands and processes?

While injection molding manufacturers welcome the opportunity, there are also new challenges in aspects of technology and process. The design concept of new energy vehicles is more cutting-edge, lightweight, energy-saving, and other characteristics make it have higher technical requirements for accessories. In addition to interior and exterior decoration integration, atmosphere lamp, the combination of soft and hard glue, surface highlight and structural enhancement pieces, and so on have new requirements.

As a significant injection molding machine leader, Tederic insists on independent innovation and has made a good layout in new energy vehicles in advance. It has provided lots of mature and outstanding solutions for a number of top-level new energy vehicle brands.

In terms of technology research and development, the “industrialization project of Optical grade Plastic Parts Shapes Control Technology and Forming Equipment” led by Tederic won the first prize in the Chinese Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award! The technology is mainly applied to optical grade plastics of new energy vehicles.

Tederic assists the new energy overlord brand.

Recently, Tederic has reached a number of cooperation agreements with BYD. A number of injection molding machines have been settled in various BYD factories, serving the production of lights, interior, exterior decoration, and other components of various new energy models of BYD. Recently, the NEO·M1920s horizontal rotary multi-component injection molding machine is currently producing BYD lights.

What are the highlights of the product?

The dual carbon goal can not be accomplished overnight but is a “protracted battle,” which requires innovation to drive high-quality carbon control and sustainable growth. Tederic will also boost the injection molding industry production energy saving and consumption reduction will bring more and more energy-saving, intelligent, efficient solutions to customers!