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Medical | Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Solution

Medical | Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Solution

In the epidemic context, the demand for blood collection tubes is enormous, and the global average annual demand is about 20 billion. A growth rate of 10% is far ahead of overall medicaldevice growth.

However, the domestic market of high-end blood collection tube systems is still monopolized by imported products. Under fierce competition and huge demand, the blood collection tube has stricter requirements on its injection molding techniques.


۱٫ Medical Grade Cleanliness:
Serum samples cannot be contaminated, and the equipment must achieve medically clean.

۲٫ High Precision
It ensures that the vacuum sealing of the tube body and the stability of the equipment also affects the original properties of the blood sample.

۳٫ High Production Quality Requirements
The blood collection tube needs to withstand the relative centrifugal force of about 3000g of the horizontal centrifuge.

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Solution Highlights

  • Precision: The entire servo motor is precisely controlled, and the injection repeatability can reach 1‰. The repeated positioning accuracy of the mold opening position is 0.01mm.
  • Medical Grade Cleanliness: The motor has no risk of oil leakage, and the tie rod is not lubricated, so the cleanliness is guaranteed.
  • Efficient Production: Special PET screws and independent motor drive control can realize various compound actions and achieve the shortest molding cycle.
  • High Pass-rate: The scrap rate of products is reduced to less than 1%. And match data monitoring to reduce the risk of mold damage and improve product quality consistency.

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Medical | Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Solution