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Medical | Disposable Virus Sample Tube Solution

Medical | Disposable Virus Sample Tube Solution

Medical | Disposable Virus Sample Tube Solution

We displayed the oropharyngeal swabs solution last week, and the disposable virus sampling tube, as its “partner,” is also one of the important consumables for nucleic acid detection.

Disposable virus sampling tubes are used for sample collection, storage, and transportation. As an important part of nucleic acid detection, the quality of products will affect subsequent test results and even cause misdiagnosis.

Recently, Tederic cooperated with a medical company to launch a disposable virus sampling tube solution suitable for large-scale virus nucleic acid detection and helps fight the epidemic.

Solution Highlights

  • Stable

Stable injection movement, product weight accuracy of 0.1%

International famous brand suppliers supply the core components.

  • High Return on Investment

The cost recovery efficiency is fast with the 99% finished product rate and significant market demand.

Compact machine design reduces the overall footprint by 10%

  • Energy-saving

High response servo motor, high-efficiency gear pump, low-pressure drop design oil circuit system

Reduce the cost and energy consumption by 15%-20%.

  • Efficient and economical

Ten mixes can help achieve efficient and low-cost large-scale nucleic acid tests.

Tederic DT.160 Toggle system injection molding machine

As a necessary consumable for COVID-19 nucleic acid detection, there is a huge market demand for disposable virus sampling tubes.

Tederic can provide you with a professional one-stop solution for injection molding.

There will be more medical solutions, so please follow us!

Medical | Disposable Virus Sample Tube Solution