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Combat the epidemic | COVID-19 antigen kit solution

Combat the epidemic | COVID-19 antigen kit solution

COVID-19 cases are surging around the world, there are now 56,857,716 confirmed cases worldwide on March 22 Beijing time. More than 40,000 cases were reported in China in March. It has affected 28 provinces.

“Flexible Application in Multiple Scenarios,” “Quick 15-minute self-test”……Rapid antigen test(RAT) is becoming a new way for COVID-19 testing globally. It is so hard to buy abroad that price up to $80!!! Therefore, bring in lots of government orders.

According to BCC Research’s global market report, the unit price of domestic RAT is about 1-1.50 US dollars. If the domestic RAT is officially released, and the minimum frequency is assumed to be 2 times per month based on overseas policies, the domestic market will reach 26.6 billion RMB per month and 319.2 billion RMB per year!

To meet the needs of the medical industry, Tederic has launched professional injection molding machines solutions for COVID-19 antigen, improving enterprises to produce and combat the epidemic together efficiently!

To solve the medical clean, efficient, and energy-saving production problems in the medical industry, Tederic adopts professional medical device and comprehensive upgraded system to establish a production environment that is clean and low noise, shortens the cycle time by 10%, and achieves the product quality rate up to 99%.

Tederic has reached cooperation with many medical manufacturers.Production can be as high as five million a day in a cooperative enterprise production line.

Tederic DT·۲۰۰ Toggle System Injection molding machine

High ROI: huge market size, and efficient production, the investment can be paid back only takes three months.

Super stability: stable operation of the structure ensures efficient production.

Super energy saving: saving up to 67%, saving 2,229,600 RMB in electricity per year.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Tederic has been committed to its social responsibility. Due to its advantages, such as medical clean, efficiency, energy-saving, etc., Tederic has wide experience in a variety of medical products solutions.

Tederic can customize “replicable, upgradable, universal” solutions according to the needs of enterprises while ensuring a cost-effective return on investment. Tederic will continue to pay close attention to epidemic prevention. We will victory over the COVID-19 in the future with support from all members of society.

Combat the epidemic | COVID-19 antigen kit solution