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Automotive interiors | Tederic DecoSure IMD technology holds great promise

IMD technology is a new plastic decoration process technology that can make different special surface effects, improve the quality and added value of products, and at the same time, broaden the scope for product innovation; widely used in communication, electronics, and home appliances, automotive and other industries.

The technology uses either thermo- or high-pressure forming to stretch the transferred film, cut out the insert according to the product’s shape, and then place the insert precisely in the injection mold cavity for one-piece injection molding to achieve a decorative and functional effect.

With DecoSure™ technology and a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, Tederic has provided mature, leading-edge interior solutions for new energy vehicle leaders such as BYD and Tesla, as well as leading car companies such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, ensuring that automotive interiors are both functional and decorative.

The head of production at a large listed automotive parts company said that Tederic was a perfect alternative to high-end imported equipment in terms of stability, yield, and production efficiency, with a 19% reduction in energy consumption! The DecoSure™ in-mold decoration technology has brought huge economic benefits, and dozens of Tederic’s NEO·T series and NEO-H machines have been purchased for the production of interior trim parts.


· High economic efficiency

The Tederic NEO·T series uses a new generation of servo-powered systems and world-renowned brand components for reliable machine operation and low energy consumption. At the same time, DecoSure™ allows the production of different decorative surfaces by simply changing the decorative material without the need to change molds.

· Automated turnkey solutions

Tederic provides TLR50 linear robots and industrial robots for automatic sheet loading, inserting, finished product removal, automatic tray loading, and AGV transport into storage, further improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

· High-quality production

The DecoSure™ in-mold decoration process guarantees optimum temperature control of the raw material during the process, as the insert materials are mostly sensitive materials such as PC and PMMA, while the repeatable positioning accuracy of the Tederic NEO·T opening mold is up to ≤ ۱ mm, making production extremely precise. The result is a product with the best possible appearance and feels during the integrated injection molding process.

· Flexible production

It is suitable for the production of various personalized products and can be used to produce different special effects by quickly changing the decorative film, such as convex key bubble, metal mirror, wood grain, brushed grain and other imitation metal grain surfaces, concave and convex dot pattern, etc., which is very good to enhance the design and texture of the surface of the automotive interior products.

Tederic is committed to providing customized, cleanroom-friendly, one-stop professional solutions for customers in the automotive industry. To learn more, please stay tuned.