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Auto Lights | Tederic OptiSure multi-layer thick-walled lens injection molding solution

Auto Lights | Tederic OptiSure multi-layer thick-walled lens injection molding solution

Headlamps with lens heads are evenly bright and more penetrating than those with conventional heads, so they have greater penetration in both rainy and foggy weather, thus allowing oncoming traffic to receive the light message first and avoid accidents.

In other words, a clearer view means greater safety.

Thick-walled lenses for headlamps have the most stringent requirements in terms of optical quality, as they are a matter of driving safety and need to be free from light diffusion, warpage, and perfect surface properties.

For a typical headlamp lens with a thickness of 30 mm, a standard injection molding process requires a cycle time of at least 20 minutes to complete a single mold run – a cycle time that is unrealistic for injection molding economics.

Tederic OptiSure™ multi-layer injection thick-walled lens solution uses a model of Tederic NEO·E electric injection molding machine equipped with OptiSure™ multi-layer injection technology and a fully automated system. The optical quality of thick-walled lenses is met while significantly reducing production cycle times and increasing the economic efficiency of the production process.


· Significant reduction in production cycle time

(۳۰۰% to 400% improvement compared to normal forming methods)

As plastic is a very poor thermal conductor, the thicker the wall thickness, the more difficult it is for the internal heat to diffuse out of the product and the longer the cooling time. Therefore, dividing a thicker single layer into several thinner multi-layers will effectively reduce the cooling time of the entire injection molding process. This means that several thin-walled layers cool more quickly than one thick-walled layer. This can increase productivity by approximately two times. 

In addition, the independent control of each motorized axis of the Tederic NEO·E electric injection molding machine enables the maximum number of compounding actions to be performed, further reducing the molding cycle time.

· Improved quality of optical products

The Tederic NEO·E electric injection molding machine can meet the requirements of an ISO class 8 clean room production environment and is suitable for the production of transparent optical lenses. It also has high control accuracy, with product injection repeatability of 0.1%, and significantly reduces shrinkage and surface defects through solutions such as thicker gates, increased holding pressure, and longer holding times, thus improving the molding accuracy of finished components.

The shortened production cycle time reduces material residence time in the barrel and hot runner, which also helps reduce internal molding stresses and the risk of material yellowing and degradation. Not only does this improve the optical properties of the product, but it also meets the quality requirements of the product’s optical parts.

It is also possible to apply the patented technology CN103612375B “Temperature Acquisition and Control Separate Injection Molding Machine Digital Remote Temperature Measurement and Control System” to precisely control the screw and nozzle temperature and improve the production accuracy of optical products.

Tederic is committed to providing customized, cleanroom-friendly, one-stop professional solutions for customers in the automotive industry.

For optical system applications, Tederic can also provide multi-material injection molding equipment and CoinSure™ injection compression molding technology to reduce internal stress and ensure optimal performance, and MultiMold™ multi-colour master technology to achieve multiple colors in one go. Stay tuned to find out more.

Auto Lights | Tederic OptiSure multi-layer thick-walled lens injection molding solution