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DH series plastic injection molding machine

DH series plastic injection molding machine

As per the needs for big clamping forces machines in the market and due to the limited space in many factories and workshops, Tederic machinery designed, manufactured and offered two-platen injection molding machines, DH series from 480 to 7000 tons.

The clamping unit structure is two-platen which reduce both the length and occupied area of the machine. The unitary clamping cylinder, reduce the probability of leaking. New design of tie bars via increasing the tie bar diameter 5-15 mm (at the end of tie bar with screw thread). Huge mold capacity and open mold stroke and high rigid body frame are other features of the clamping unit of DH series.

The injection unit of DH series can be single-cylinder injection reciprocating screw structure or two- cylinder injection reciprocating screw structure or extruded injection structure (low pressure or high pressure). The injection unit base is high rigidity and has multi pumps servo system. There are several professional screw designs to meet different plastic material application in several industries. The valve block is nickel plated to avoid any rusting and oil leakage.

DH series are equipped with high efficiency hydraulic servo system, which increases pressure rapidly and steadily. The proportional valve controls platen movement by high response, quicker, smoother and more precise.

Because of the big clamping forces in this series, they are usually used in automotive, packaging and logistics, electric/electronic industries.

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DH series plastic injection molding machine