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Tederic played a role in the completion of China’s Shenzhou manned spacecraft -14 mission

The Long March 2F Yao XIV, which carries the Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft, was successfully launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre.

The launch was a complete success!

The brilliant achievements of the Chinese aerospace industry are obvious to all.

Every time a Chinese spacecraft is launched into the sky, it shows a breakthrough and an upgrade of new technology!

۰۱٫ Plastics are widely used in the aerospace industry

The main applications are heat-proof parts for airframes, bushings, bearings, brackets, plastic seals, floors, seats, instrument panels, and even spacesuits.

The inclusive characteristics of plastics, which are more flexible, lighter, and easier to mold, offer more possibilities for material innovation. In contrast, its high-performance materials that are resistant to heat, cold, fatigue, corrosion, and low specific gravity have won the interest and attention of scientists.

In the last 45 years, the use of plastics in aerospace design has quadrupled.

۰۲٫ Tens of thousands of “behind-the-scenes heroes” play a big role

There are tens of thousands of “little guys” on board Shenzhou14. They are inconspicuous but important. They are the aerospace connectors directly related to the success or failure of the space mission!

It is an honor that during the Shenzhou 14 mission, Tederic electric injection molding machines provided professionalism. High-precision solutions for these tens of thousands of “little guys” to ensure that the space system’s power, control, and communication signals achieve stable and high-speed transmission to ensure the safe and smooth launch and operation of the spacecraft!

Tederic Electric injection molding machines use full servo motor precision control, pressure sensors, aerodynamic simulation electrical boxes, and data monitoring to ensure high precision products and save on the high cost of aerospace raw materials.

We insist on being more meticulous and strict in product design and production to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the astronauts’ “special car.”