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Medical | Tederic Oropharyngeal Swabs Solution

Medical | Tederic Oropharyngeal Swabs Solution

What are Oropharyngeal Swabs
Unlike cotton swabs used daily, the Covid-19 oropharyngeal swabs are usually made of nylon short fiber hairs and rods.

The nylon staple acts like a soft brush to keep the sample glued to the swab surface.

Like plastic, the rod body needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The rod should be rigid and withstands sample elution for more than 30 seconds;
  • The rod should be flexible and appropriate for both kids and adults.

To comply with the new policies for the prevention and control of COVID-19, Tederic has launched a solution of oropharyngeal swabs with a daily output of up to 380,000 units(24hours), which facilitates massive nucleic acid testing.

 Oropharyngeal Swabs Solution

Solution Highlights

  • Efficient Production

The daily output can reach 380,000 units(24hours). It can produce 80 cavities in 18 seconds.

  • Stable

The endpoint of injection is stable, and the repetition accuracy of injection weight is 3‰;

A prestigious international brand supplies core components. The structure operation is stable, which leads to the low cost of ABS plastic raw materials.

  • High Return on Investment:

With the circumstance of the 99% finished product rate and significant market demand, the cost recovery efficiency is fast;
Compact equipment structure saves more than 10% of workshop space.

  • Energy-saving

High response servo motor, high-efficiency gear pump, low-pressure drop design oil circuit system;

Reduce the cost and energy consumption by 15%-20%.

Given the grim situation, we suggest that all of your work together in epidemic prevention to win the battle against the virus.

There will be more medical solutions, so please follow us!

Medical | Tederic Oropharyngeal Swabs Solution