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Injection molding solution of electric vehicle charging plugs

New energy vehicles, represented by trams, are gradually replacing traditional fuel vehicles as a global trend in the automotive industry. However, under the prosperous development of new energy vehicles, the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles – “queuing for 4 hours to charge for 1 hour” and “charging piles” are hard to find” has become the focus of public attention. The focus of public attention is on the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles.

In addition to improved urban charging layout planning and battery technology innovation, the charging equipment for new energy vehicles should not be underestimated. The charging current is high, so high-quality and stable charging equipment can ensure the fast and safe charging of new energy vehicles so that they can drive normally.

The charging jacks of new energy vehicles and the sub jacks of charging guns are made of a combination of plastic and metal components.

Tederic has provided a mature and leading integrated molding solution for new energy vehicles such as Tesla. The solution combines Tederic’s professional metal insert process to complement the ease of molding and to shape plastic with the rigidity, strength, and heat resistance of metal to create complex and sophisticated metal-plastic products.



· High precision

Through the linkage control of the barrel, screw structure, and injection pressure, the injection process is precisely controlled to ensure the product’s functionality as an electrically connected contact part.

· High yield rate

Due to the 5-10 times difference in expansion coefficient between metal and plastic, they are prone to deformation and displacement. Tederic reduces the risk of cracking, warping, and deformation of the product during the cooling process and guarantees quality.

· Efficient automation

Tederic’s automated production system for fast and accurate insertion of inserts and simultaneous multi-processing.

Tederic multi-component injection molding machines with servo-driven control of the turntable and fully electric sub-injection table, with simultaneous compound movements.

· Meeting product design flexibility

A wide range of design possibilities for the combination of plastic and metal to meet customers’ customization needs.

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