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DE series plastic injection molding machine

DE series plastic injection molding machine

DE all electric machines are designed and manufactured by the aim of decreasing energy costs and meeting the needs of high technology and precision industries. This series of machines are manufactured in two main types, DE-C, classic electric injection molding machine and DE-E, full electric injection molding machine.

Regarding DE-C series, they are offered from 168 to 478 tons. T-slot platen and embedded mold locating ring design makes easier mold installation. Clamping unit structure is toggle system three platen which support high mold weights and dimensions. Integrated servo power station which supply power for carriage, ejector and core pullers.

DE-E series are full electric from 40 to 460 tons. Clamping system is V type, the central pressure created V-type toggle mechanism can remain consistent around the mold, keep the clamping force as low as possible. Diagonally designed ejection structure driven by servo motor, move tranquilly and precisely. Full open design for safety doors and covering, upturning back cover, is convenient for maintenance. Strengthened platens and huge tie bars of this series support high mold weights and dimensions.

The injection unit driven by servo motor and transmission belt and has very flexible structure. The other advantages of this series injection unit is the variety of screw and barrel for different material process.

As the high speed of this series, they can be used in medical, packaging, automotive industries also the industries which needs more precision and speed.

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DE series plastic injection molding machine