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DT series plastic injection molding machine

DT series among all IMM has obtained perfect market reputation and market shares since its launch in the market. The 2nd generation DT-II series from 60 – ۴۰۰۰ ton with high level configuration is now grand launched! Quietness, energy saving, intelligence, high precision and safety are the main features of this series.

The clamping structure is hydraulic toggle type three-platen which is very strong and solid, main parts of clamping unit are casted and machined with precise CNC. The fixed platen has Box type structure, small deformation; Easy tie bar location, integrally strengthen; Reasonable layout for internal reinforcing ribs. The moving platen is strengthened and has extended supporting holes space which ensures better stable running.

The injection unit movement change from guide pillar to linear guide, sliding friction is changed to rolling friction and decreasing the slip-stick friction difference between the guide and the slider to realize quite good follow motion ability, its instaneous velocity increases about 10 times compared with pillar. The injection unit of DT series can be single-cylinder injection reciprocating screw structure or two- cylinder injection reciprocating screw structure or extruded injection structure.

Low rotation speed for pressure maintaining, high efficiency forhydraulic servo system, and more energy-saving are features of hydraulic system of DT series.

DT series are used in several industries such as, automotive, packaging, construction, households and medical.

DT series plastic injection molding machine