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HQS servo motor plastic injection molding machines

HQS servo energy saving injection molding machine is equipped with high performance servo motor controlling system, the machine’s output power can vary in accordance with the loading changes, reducing energy consumption and noise. In HQS series, the motor rotates at lower speed in holding pressure stage and doesn’t work in cooling time. According to different products, servo energy-saving injection molding machines will save 20-80% energy and bring a prominent economic benefit.

Compared with the traditional hydraulic power control system, servo hydraulic machine system can ensure the stability of products and increase the quality of products.

The speed of servo hydraulic machine is significantly faster, it effectively shortens the cycle time and increases production efficiency.

The HQS series covers from 68ton to 2200ton. Special screw designs for different materials are available. Also this series can be equipped with special wear resistance screws which extends service life of the screw.