About Us

The records and backgrounds of Khorshid Daryaye Shargh Co. dated back to late thirties when Tadevos Yarijanian the founder of this company started his activity with making the plastic presses and the casts in 1959. Much experiences of this craftsman during coming years and entry of his sons to such activity led to establishment of Singer, Haitai Singer and finally Khorshid Daryaye Shargh companies.

The most significant feature of Khorshid Daryaye Shargh is its long presence in the industry arena and especially plastic industry and deep knowledge of its managers of the partial stages of manufacturing the different parts in Iran and manufacturing the plastic injection machinery in form of a combination of domestically manufactured and imported parts, i.e. CKD and SKD.

Nowadays, in addition to manufacturing certain parts and meeting the domestic needs, this company is seriously active in importation of plastic injection machinery and the accessories so its products are sold in most provinces.

All years Khorshid Daryaye Shargh Co. exposes its capabilities by participation in the national and international specialized exhibitions and rendering the superior technology, high quality of plastic injection machinery and side equipment.

Technical, sales and after sales services units as three main organs of the company’s activities, always try to render the best  and highest quality services to the customers all over the country.

In Khorshid Daryaye Shargh Co., considering the customers’ needs and meeting their demands would be considered an unconditional principle and in this context the company has tried to reply its customer through rendering after sales services in all provinces and it does its best for increasing their satisfaction.


  • Consultation by phone for purchasing and selecting the machinery appropriate model
  • To render consultation/ advisory and expertise free of charge and verbally for design of plastic  production line
  • To render expertise verbally and free of charge for purchasing and selecting appropriate machinery
  • To render economic advisory for establishment and/or development of plastic production factories
  • Installation and commission of the purchased machinery free of charge
  • Teaching the usage and application of plastic injection machinery and their accessories
  • To render products guaranty services
  • To render repairs and maintenance services
  • Serious consideration of the customers’ opinion and criticisms


  • Preserving the superior stand in the market of plastic injection machines
  • Strengthening and promoting the stable and expanded relationship with the customers
  • Creating more variety in spectrum of products presented to the customers
  • Observing the environmental rules and specially effort for saving the fossil energies consumption


  • Supplying the high quality products aiming on meeting the needs of plastic products manufacturers
  • Industrial and economic development and promotion of technology level in state plastic industry
  • Meeting the needs of customers by using the modern technology of the world and using the best industrial components
  • Increasing the production and variety of products and growing and pondering in the Iranian and global market
  • Effective construction and presence in the significant guild and professional organizations for introducing and promoting the objectives and goals of state plastic industry